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Many employers, even in successful medium sized companies, have either not issued the required legal documentation or have inadequate or inaccurate documentation.


Many employers, even in successful medium sized companies, have either not issued the required legal documentation or have inadequate or inaccurate documentation. There are three good reasons for ensuring that all your employees are issued with their main terms and conditions of employment.

First, it is a legal requirement.

Secondly, without clear contractual rules committed to writing, management’s authority within the workplace is severely weakened.

Thirdly, there are financial penalties for employers who have not issued these employment particulars.

We create and supply these written particulars of the individual’s terms and conditions of employment. Because the written particulars do not cover all aspects of the employment relationship, we design and supply a company handbook for each individual employee within the Company.

You do not need to have an equal opportunities policy but any employer faced with a sex discrimination Employment Tribunal application that does not have an equal opportunities policy and a sexual harassment policy will find it very difficult to win their case. This is a very costly area to get wrong. We provide equal opportunities policies including procedures that protect your organisation.

Tribunal Services

Now that employees have more rights than ever before, are better informed than ever before and are more litigation minded than ever before, shouldn’t you protect your business?

No matter what your expenditure has been in defending the case, employees are seldom held liable for any costs incurred by you. In addition there are many legal firms aggressively advertising their willingness to take on cases on a no-win no-fee basis. In Scotland, legal aid is available for claims in the Employment Tribunal.

The maximum compensatory award in Employment Tribunal is well in excess of £80,000. It will be updated each year. There is no upper limit on the awards in some discrimination cases.

Even a successful employer at Employment Tribunal would spend many hours of valuable time preparing a case for hearing. Tribunal directions in England and Wales often require witness statements to be prepared, exchanged and cross referenced to the trial bundle. Acton Jennings undertake all this preparatory work. We then engage a barrister on behalf of our client.

Acton Jennings provides a full legal expenses indemnity service which covers directors and business owners and their organisation against any Tribunal award, legal costs and witness costs.

Acton Jennings LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The indemnity provides for our assistance to appeal an Improvement or Prohibition Notice where Acton Jennings believes that there are reasonable prospects of success.

For further information with regard to this matter, or indeed if you wish to obtain a quotation or view sample insurance policy wording, please contact our offices for assistance.

Advice & Assistance

Wouldn’t it relieve some of the stress of running your own business if at any time of the day you could just pick up the ‘phone and get up-to-date, accurate personnel advice?

We provide a 24 hour employment law advice line.

Our advisors have many years of experience in dealing with a wide range of personnel problems.

Not only do we try to provide practical solutions to our clients’ problems, we also draft employment related correspondence and agreements as well as dealing with statutory reporting forms.

Best of all, we don't limit usage of the advice lines. You are never 'on the clock'. We take as long as it takes to give you the best advice possible, and you don't have to worry about building up expensive legal bills. Unlimited use of our advice lines is included in our normal fees.

Call us for a free of charge consultation and quotation for your business. You'll be surprised how cost effective we are.

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