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June 2018 - Tribunal Claims over 100% up on last year

Posted on Friday 29th Jun 2018


As one might have predicted the latest employment tribunal quarterly statistics published by the Ministry of Justice, for the period January to March 2018 show a continuing increase in the volume of single employment claims, following the abolition of employment tribunal fees last year.

However, a 118% rise in the numbers of single claims compared with the same quarter of 2017, when fees were still in place, is quite an increase. Of the claims that proceeded to employment tribunal just 10% ultimately succeeding at a hearing.

Over the same period, 4,700

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REACH Deadline

Posted on Friday 11th May 2018

REACH is the EU regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals, which came into force on 1 June 2007. 

31 May 2018 is the final registration deadline for REACH for companies that manufacture or import substances in volumes between 1-100 tonnes per year into the EEA. Substances not registered by this date cannot be manufactured/imported until registered; although stocks of material manufactured/imported before the deadline can continue to be supplied by a Distributor.
A few of our clients may be “Importers” that is they buy a chemical product

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May 2018 Newsletter - HR, GDPR and DPIA. Initial Thoughts:

Posted on Friday 4th May 2018

We have produced and made available on our website, for combined service and HR clients, a template of a Data Protection Act compliant HR policy.  Information needs adding by clients.  Some information is obviously required such as an employee’s name; Other information is missing because, we do not know the exact details of how data is processed in your organisation. For example, we have assumed that clients do not send employees’ personal data outside the European Economic Area. If this statement is incorrect for any particular client, then the existing wording will need changing.


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Posted on Tuesday 20th Mar 2018

Taxation of PILON

6 April 2018 sees the introduction significant changes in relation to the way termination payments are taxed. Our Newsletter of August 2016 refers. Except in cases of very serious misconduct when an employer terminates an employee’s contract, that employee is generally entitled to notice. Where there is a Payment In Lieu Of Notice clause (PILON clause) in the employment contract, the employer is entitled to terminate the employee’s employment immediately and pay a sum in respect of the salary and benefits the employee would have received had they worked the notice period.

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January 2018 Newsletter

Posted on Wednesday 31st Jan 2018

First Case of Unlawful Inducement Ever Considered by EAT

Given the rarity of these cases, since the law was passed decades ago (the Consolidation Act is 25 years old) it need not take up much space in this Newsletter. The article is of particular interest to those clients that are unionised and recognise a trade union for the purposes of collective bargaining. 

Put basically the employer Kostal UK Ltd had signed a collective agreement with UNITE giving the union bargaining rights. When a deal on a Christmas bonus payment in return for certain changes in working practices could not be

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