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There is no software installation. No expensive server. No big up-front costs. Our system is designed for small to medium UK businesses with 10 - 250 current employees.

Fast and affordable, yet easy to set up and use

There is no software installation. No expensive server. No big up-front costs. Our system is designed for small to medium UK businesses with 10 - 250 current employees.

Suddenly it’s easy to: 

Ÿ create, store and retrieve employee information from anywhere
Ÿ easily comply with legislation
Ÿ reduce administration tasks with automated processes
Ÿ enhance employee communication and publish policies
Ÿ manage absence, benefits, training, performance and disciplinary
Ÿ radically increase efficiency and cut your costs in half

An extremely cost effective, efficient HR solution at an affordable monthly amount.

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, for HR people, business leaders and employees. The pre-configured database includes four main applications:

The Database Navigator: easily find and edit personnel information in over 40 employee related screens. Record detailed history and access accurate current records, from anywhere at anytime.

The Navigator gives you full control of all your employee data.

The Document Centre: your system comes with your documents and policies prepared by Acton Jennings already stored in one centralised place, accessible from anywhere at anytime. At home or in the office, your documents are always a click away. Enforce policy by sharing documents with staff on community pages.

What's more, when Acton Jennings updates your documents; these can be uploaded and distributed to your staff in seconds - direct from our offices.

Run up-to-the-minute analysis reports that download straight in to MS Excel or Adobe PDF.

The Message Centre: receive employee self service requests, automatic notifications and alerts. The system will notify you of any future pending events: disciplinary follow-ups; appraisal reminders; probations; salary reviews, etc.

No more manual diary management, alerts can be sent straight to your e-mail inbox.

The Staff Communities: engage your employees with access to their information. Allow them to make personal change requests and book holiday all online. Keep all your staff and managers up to date with the latest policies and documents.

Reduce the time you spend administrating employee data and start saving costs immediately.

Included in the 40+ screens and automated processes are the following key areas:

Ÿ Employee Details, Dependants, Emergency Contacts, Identification...
Ÿ Absence Management, Holiday, Sickness, Parental Leave...
Ÿ Job Details, Contract Information, Salary and Benefits...
Ÿ Performance Management, Appraisals, Disciplinary & Grievance...
Ÿ Training, Educational History, Qualifications, Competencies...
Ÿ Organisational Management...

Easy Analysis: A selection of standard reports and exports are loaded with the software, available in either Adobe PDF or MS Excel formats.

Reports and exports can be used to effectively analyse absence, performance, training or any other area of personnel data. Compile statistics on an individual, department or division within the company.

Exports can be used to transfer salary and benefits information through to your Payroll Centre saving you the time and cost of admin or duplicate entry.

Why delay? Free up even more of your time to run your business. Call us for a free demonstration. You have nothing to lose but we bet you'll be surprised at how easy HR management can be!

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