Asbestos Surveys, Sampling, Management

If you control, manage, own, occupy, or have responsibilities for workplace premises, you are a dutyholder.

Under The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012) dutyholders must:

  • take reasonable steps to locate materials likely to contain asbestos;
  • assume that any material contains asbestos unless there is evidence that it does not;
  • keep an up-to-date written record of the location of these materials;
  • monitor the condition of these materials;
  • assess the risk of exposure from asbestos and presumed asbestos materials;
  • prepare and implement a management plan to control these risks; and
  • provide information to anyone liable to come into contact with asbestos.

Acton Jennings provides a full asbestos management service including all types of surveys and sampling. Our laboratories are UKAS accredited. 


Once you have determined the presence, nature and extent of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in your property, under CAR 2012 you have a duty to manage that asbestos. This does not mean that ACMs need to be removed.

Acton Jennings, as part of the survey report, provides specific advice with regard to the best course of action to take in respect of each instance of ACM we find in your premises.

Unlike many asbestos surveying companies we have no ties with asbestos removal contractors. Therefore our advice about the management of asbestos in the workplace is entirely objective.


Whilst in many cases this is a relatively straightforward exercise, some businesses, particularly those with multiple premises, might have difficulty in implementing suitable monitoring regimes. Acton Jennings can provide a comprehensive monitoring and management service, tailored to client specific requirements.

Analytical Services

Many so called health and safety consultancies have no internal occupational hygiene expertise. If they carry out occupational hygiene work at all, it is through the use of sub-contractors. Acton Jennings LLP on the other hand has an occupational hygiene department which provides a wide range of services to our clients.

Our services include:

  • LEV testing and examination
  • Air monitoring 
  • Environmental air monitoring
  • COSHH assessments
  • Noise at work assessments
  • Environmental noise assessments
  • Building health management surveys

Our qualified staff will be more than pleased to discuss your particular occupational hygiene requirements and to arrange a no-obligation consultation, please contact our offices.

For clients who subscribe to our full service, we can often include the occupational hygiene service in our monthly fees. 

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