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February 2017 - Gain ISO Certification with Acton Jennings LLP

Posted on Friday 3rd Feb 2017


ISOs are internationally recognised standards. A business that achieves ISO certification has demonstrated a commitment to meeting the standards that are important to that business, its customers or clients and its employees and stakeholders. It is a commitment that is instantly recognizable by the logo that accredited organisations are entitled to display. 
We are, then, naturally delighted to announce that Acton Jennings is now able to provide professional and experienced assistance to help organisations  gain  or maintain ISO certification in

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December 2016 - Don't slip up when Carrying Out PPE Assessments

Posted on Monday 19th Dec 2016

Newsletter December 2016
Now that winter is upon us and worse weather conditions can be expected (apologies for this gloomy prediction) this issue contains two seasonal cases; one deals with health and safety matters and the other deals with HR issues.

Don’t Slip up When Carrying Out PPE Assessments
Kennedy (Appellant) v Cordia (Services) LLP (Respondent) (Scotland) is a Supreme Court case heard by five Law Lords earlier this year. It is a personal injury case involving a relatively minor injury - a fractured wrist. As well as five Law Lords, there were also three QCs and instructing

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November 2016 - Early judicial assessment of ET cases to be introduced

Posted on Wednesday 2nd Nov 2016

Holiday Pay and Commission - British Gas v Lock
“Today's decision is very technical, dull, and says nothing new”.

This was the verdict of one of the most respected legal commentators on employment law, Daniel Barnett of Outer Temple Chambers, on the judgment of the Court of Appeal in British Gas v Lock handed down 07 October 2016. Nevertheless Lock remains an important case on the calculation of holiday pay. It has been reported on before in our Newsletters and little has changed since we first dealt with it. 

For those that are unaware of the case here is a reminder of the key facts:

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August 2016 - Legislation in the Offing

Posted on Friday 19th Aug 2016

Legislation in the Offing
Consultation on draft legislation has now been published on changes to the tax treatment of termination payments which, it is intended, will come into force in April 2018.

The UK Government has confirmed that the £30,000 tax free exemption for termination payments will remain in place. Proposals had been made during the recent consultation to reduce the tax free amount or link it to length of service but these proposals have been dropped.

The main changes are as follows:
•    All payments in lieu of notice (“PILONs”) will be fully taxable. At present whether

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July 2016 - Employment Law and Brexit

Posted on Friday 15th Jul 2016

Employment Law and Brexit

Given the oceans of printing ink devoted to Brexit we hesitate to add our contribution. But…

“May you live in interesting times” is the expression of doubtful Chinese origin which comes to mind in the immediate post Brexit era. Interesting and very uncertain.

There are two schools of thought about what might happen to employment law, insofar as it relates to individual employment protection.

The first is the view broadly associated with the political left and trade unions that free of the restrictions of Europe and the ECJ a Conservative Government would

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